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Hair Society Inc LOVES weddings! Every bride and her bride squad want to look amazing on the wedding day, and even more than looking amazing, all brides want to not worry about looking amazing! We strive to take the stress away and to deliver all of your glam dreams. Whether you are getting married at or a guest of the hotel, or not, we have got you covered!

Part of this process is having a plan. We work directly with the bride to ensure there is a schedule for the day of and equally as important, a plan for everyone’s “look.” This starts with a bridal trial. The bridal trial service is where we practice the bride’s look and get the okay to move forward. We recommend booking this service the same day as your bridal photos so that you look great and similar to that on the day of the wedding.

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Bridal Services Prices

Bridal Trial:

  • Hair $75+

  • Makeup $85

  • Lashes $12

Day of Wedding:

  • Bridal Hair $100

  • Bridal Makeup $125 lashes included

  • Bridesmaid Hair $80

  • Bridesmaid Makeup $85

  • Flower girl Hair $50

  • Lashes $12

On Location Fee:

  • If you are staying at the Hilton on Post Oak, we will come to your room if it’s more convenient for $25 per stylist.

  • If you are not getting ready or married at the Hilton & require on location services, a $150 on location fee per stylist will be applied to the total bill. The number of stylists required would depend on how many people need services.

Skip the on location fees and come to the studio! BYOC!