Hair Cut & Color Prices


Women’s Haircut
Junior stylist $65 | Master stylist $85

Men’s Haircut $50

Kids Haircut $55


One Process Color
Junior colorist $65 | Master colorist $85

One-Process color Pull Through
Junior colorist $105 | Master colorist $125

Color Melt (Solo) $50

Toner $35

Base Break (Bump) $65, $35 add-on


New Clients

Standard Lightening Service
Junior colorist $165 | Master colorist $250

Next Level Blonding
Junior colorist $200-$250 | Master colorist $300-$350

Extreme Makeover Blonding
Junior colorist $100 per hour | Master colorist $ 125-150 per hour

Return Clients

Junior colorist: Partial $125; Full $150 | Master colorist: Partial $150; Full $200

Face Frame Balayage
Junior colorist $50 | Master colorist $65

Junior colorist: partial $135; Full $165 | Master colorist: partial $165; Full $225

Junior colorist: partial $150; Full $190 | Master colorist: partial $190; Full $250

Original Foil Hi Light
Junior colorist $115 | Master colorist $135

Bleach Retouch
Junior colorist $160 | Master colorist $200

Blonding Add-ons ( color melt, shadow root, basebreak) $35

B3 Add On- $40

Hair Cut & Color Services: Details

Cut & Color

Women’s Haircut – The works! Includes a great shampoo in our massaging chair, custom haircut and a simple blowout.

One Process Color – A single color applied to the new growth area to alter natural color or cover grey.  A $25 discount will be applied to anyone getting this as an add-on to a lightening service.

One-Piece Pull Through – A one process color then pulled down to middles and ends to cover the entire head. Includes up to four oz. of color.

Toner – A toner is included in every lightening service but you may need to stop in for a quick toner in between appointments to take away unwanted / brassy pigment.  All levels - $35.

Base Break (Bump) – A base break is designed to lift your natural color about two levels. Usually performed on highlighted blondes trying to blend their natural color. This can be done as add on to a lightening service for $35, or solo in between appointments. In which case the price is $65.

Lightening: New Clients

If you are a new client booking blonding/lightening services please choose from one of our three new client lightening options. We block out extra time for new clients where we focus on you and only you. This initial visit is meant to create a new canvas with your hair so that going forward, you can come in just for maintenance services. If you are unsure what to book, please schedule a complimentary consultation.

Standard Lightening Service – This is a great service for someone wanting a more sun kissed natural look, or if you are wanting to take your lightening process slow. Using a balayage and or foilayage technique will give you seamless results while maintaining the integrity of your hair. If you have previous or dark hair color and are looking for a more drastic or contrasted look, then you should choose one of the next 2 options. Includes 1 oz. of lightener, and a toner.

Next Level Blonding – This is the perfect selection for someone trying to go significantly blonder in a single session and is one of the longest sessions we offer. In some cases it may take multiple sessions of lightening in order to achieve your goal. Includes 2 oz. of lightener, and a toner.

Extreme Makeover Blonding – This is the LONGEST service we offer and can run up to 8 hours (in some cases). This is if you are trying to go super blonde/ashy from previous dark or colored hair. Leaving no hair behind we will touch every hair on your head to ensure all that old pigment is gone and is now blonde! This service is charged by the hour. Overall hair texture, hair density, and previous color all determine the amount of time this service will take. Includes a toner .

Lightening: Return Clients

Balayage – “Sunkissed” hair painting technique used to lighten the surface of the hair for a more natural seamless look. This diffused grow out will keep you from coming in for touchups SO often. Includes 1 oz. of lightener, and a toner. Book either a partial or a full.

Face Frame Balayage – This is when you just need a quick touch up or want to see lighter pieces around the face, making a great in between service while awaiting your full maintenance appointment. Toner is not included and is $20 extra 

Foilayage – This is a combination of balayage and foiling techniques used to create more contrast than you would get from just a balayage. Anyone wanting the blended balayage look at the root, but with extra bright and dimensional contrast throughout should choose this. Includes 2 oz. of lightener, and a toner.

Baby Light – This service is almost always done with foil, but can be painted on in the right circumstance. This is a one and half hour to three hour session. This technique creates micro thin highlights with little dimension or root. However, if a small blend is desired, just add on a shadow root service. We recommend an Olaplex deep conditioning treatment after this service.  Includes 2 oz. of lightener, and a toner.       

Original Foil Hi Light – Old school foil highlights, nothing fancy. This is sometimes booked as a band-aid fix between baby light appointments. This does not cover as much depth as a baby lite will, so if you have super thick hair, this isn’t for you. Includes 1 oz. of lightener and a toner.

Bleach Retouch – Normally followed up by an ultimate blonding session. This is a maintenance appointment for all you platinums . We apply bleach to the roots as a 1-process color while taking every precaution to keep breakage from happening. In some cases the process has to be repeated in one session to achieve desired tones w/ little to no damage. Includes up to 2 oz. of lightener, and a toner.

Blonding Add-Ons – Shadow root, color melt, & base breaks: all levels -

B3 ADD ON- B3 is a chemical bonding oil that we add in the lightener and other color formulas to ensure the integrity of the hair and stop breakage during the service. we HIGHLY recommend this add on to any lightening service.